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CACFP Claims Processing

USDA Reimbursement

Central Management for CACFP Sponsors

Sponsors can centrally manage participants' accounts (homes & centers) from one area.. As sponsorships grow, accounts may be grouped for streamlined management.  Restrict staff access and functionality where you need to. (more)

Meal & Attendance Capture

Track attendance and quickly capture meals using pre-printed rosters (for computer entry) or with a mobile device (iPhone®, iPad®, iPod®, or Android®).  Sponsors can restrict meal entry to the same day, or even precise meal times using the mobile option. (more)

Meal Nutrition Planning

Menu creation is made easy. Using a drop-down list, simply select items for the food groups of each meal!  ChildWatch® comes with over 1,500 USDA-compliant menu items. Serving sizes are calculated for each age group. Cycle sets of menus weeks in advance. (more)

Claims Processing

Childcare participants submit their claims online with a few clicks. Sponsors receive submission notifications and process claims with ease. Reporting details include state summary information, meal disallowances with reason description, and financial statements.  Easily approve/deny "other" meals items served during the month.  Processing takes minutes; simply file your claim with the state, collect your reimbursement, and dispurse funds. (more)

Important Events Notification

ChildWatch® will automatically email notifications of important events such as outdated forms & participant training, child income level changes and more.  From the participant's location, new forms may be printed, signed by parents and submitted to the sponsor.

Data Importation

Already using software and dread having to re-enter your data? ChildWatch® makes the transition easier by offering a versatile data import feature. Simply export the data from your current program, format the results to match our easy-to-follow guide and voila! Get a headstart and be up & running within minutes. (more)

Budget & Expenses Tracking

Keep track of expenses with the check register feature.  Record your monthly reimbursement amount and enter expenses against it.  Get a reconciliation report to learn of surplus status.  The budget creator helps to determine expense estimates for labor and supplies. (more)
Cost-savings Analysis


In a Nutshell

  • For Homes, Centers, & sponsors
  • online & offline participants
  • Schedule Monitor Reviews
  • Automatic Disallowances
  • Meal Production Record
  • Milk Shortage Reconciliation
  • Worksheets for Cooks
  • Menu Creation & Scheduling
  • Electronic Claim Submission
  • Budgeting & Expenses Tracking
  • Current Software Data Import

Go Mobile

Electronic Capture


Automate your meal capture!  Using a hand-held mobile device, quickly capture meals & attendance.

Easy as 1-2-3!  Simply select a classroom, touch the children names and voila!



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